VIP Solutions is a top-rated waterproofing company in Gujranwala that possesses several years of experience in this industry. The purpose of waterproofing is to secure building structures and objects from being affected by water and moisture.

VIP Solutions is one of the leading and best waterproofing companies in Sargodha with an experience of several years. Moreover, we only use state-of-the-art technology and modern waterproofing techniques to prevent all types of leakage for both new and old buildings.

Moreover, the total time that it will take to complete the service totally depends on the type of work that needs to be done. The bigger the issue, the more time will be needed to complete it, and vice versa. However, we guarantee to complete the work within the time that we will indicate to you before the beginning of the work. The services we provide include:

  1. Paying a visit to the customer’s place
  2. Inspect the water leak damage
  3. Advising customers on the best ways to avoid water damage
  4. Offering waterproofing quotations with detailed information
  5. Once we get the approval from our customer, we will set a schedule as per the customer’s convenience to begin the work
  6. Once the work is finished, we offer a 7–10 year warranty

Why Choose Us For Roof Waterproofing In Sargodha?

  1. Possess several years of experience
  2. We have the best team of waterproofing experts
  3. On-time completion of work without causing any damage to the specific area
  4. Work schedule flexibility
  5. Guarantee of providing quality waterproofing solutions
  6. Use of best waterproofing techniques that fits your house condition
  7. Use of quality waterproofing chemicals and products
  8. Certified waterproofing company

How Do We Perform The Waterproofing Process?

  1. Firstly, we will check all the areas that are suffering from water damage
  2. Secondly, we will apply a waterproofing chemical coat to all of the damaged areas
  3. Lastly, we apply a damage proof and protection layer that will last for years to come

Offer Free Estimated Quotation

The amount that will be mentioned in the quotation depends on the customer’s requirements and the service they choose. Once we book a meeting with our customer, we will explain everything to them in detail.

Get In Touch With Us Now!

So, if you require dependable, trustworthy, and high-quality waterproofing services for the residential or commercial sectors, we are here to help. We can undertake all types of work and reach the location on time. Book your appointment with us now.