What is Membrane sheet?

Sheet membrane systems are reliable and durable thermoplastic waterproofing solutions that can fulfill the requirements of even the most demanding below-ground structures, including those exposed to highly aggressive ground conditions and stress.


Advantages of Membrane Sheet

  • We provide accessories and special detailing solutions down to very complex details.
  • Our systems are either compartmentalized, active-controlled or fully-bonded, which limits water underflow in case of local leaks due to damage / perforated membrane during or after construction work.
  • Resistant to many chemicals, our sheet membrane systems ensure high protection to the concrete, against aggressive gases or even groundwater with seawater.
  • Water tightness of the entire system before concreting and backfilling is guaranteed thanks to high quality control on site with double-welded seams. Testing is possible with compressed air, vacuums and electronic detectors.
  • Very high flexibility of sheet membranes allow easy installation and completion of details that results in faster membrane installation.
  • Fast application is possible even at low temperatures, as our solutions do not require any curing/waiting times nor primers.
  • Long-term track record with over 45 years of experience and extensive test reports confirm high performance, security and reliability of Sika membrane waterproofing systems, which ensures a very long service life of the waterproofed basement or below-grade structure.