Generally, in Mardan, most of the buildings are made from reinforced concrete, and they have pores, cracks, and capillary tracts. The size of the holes in cement depends on the strength, density, and installation methods. The holes that are present inside concrete are interconnected, and water wont find any difficulty in penetrating through them. Moreover, other reasons for cracks and voids are thermal enlargement, contraction, and shrinkage. In the end, the water seeps through these voids. Therefore, waterproofing services in Mardan are needed to keep the roof water-tight from harsh weather.

In designing flow routes to appropriate discharge points, proper drainage design in reinforced concrete flat roofs is critical. Also, floor water must be evacuated promptly without ponding or stagnation for a roof to be effective. After that, you need to choose the best waterproofing membrane. It is because the roof has an exposure to direct sun rays and rain, it is likely to encounter significant thermal stresses. So, this is going to have an impact on its physical qualities and performance.

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Different Options for Roof Waterproofing in Mardan

There are ample choices available for roof waterproofing systems. Choosing the appropriate one relies on several factors, mostly customer requirements. So, the products we provide for the waterproofing system are:

  1. Rigid waterproofing
  2. Semi-flexible waterproofing
  3. Flexible waterproofing
  4. Elastomeric waterproofing
  5. Thermal insulated waterproofing system

So are you looking for a reliable waterproofing company in Mardan that offers quality and effective product solutions for structural waterproofing? No worries, our methods used give excellent results. Moreover, the variety of products we use are:

  1. Mineral-based waterproofing
  2. Bitumen material waterproofing
  3. Waterproofing tape
  4. Bonding joints waterproofing materials
  5. Epoxy resins
  6. PU injection resins
  1. Liquid waterproofing membrane
  2. Restoration plasters
  3. Quick cement
  4. Floor coatings
  5. Plaster primers
  6. Concrete additives
  7. Mortar additives
  8. Additives to strengthen coloured plasters

Moreover, VIP Solution is amongst the leading waterproofing companies not only in Mardan but all over Pakistan. Our several years of experience, profound knowledge, and expertise have made us a renowned company in this industry. Our professional technicians prefer to work with their customers and, keeping their requirements in mind, use suitable waterproofing systems or methods. Also, all of our waterproofing services have a 7 to 10 year warranty.

Great and Competitive Prices

In addition, we can guarantee you that the rates we offer for our services are budget-friendly. So this also implies that if you have a limited budget, you can easily book our services. Here at VIP Solutions, there is something for everyone.

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