Roof waterproofing in Peshawar is one of the critical steps applied in securing the building interior to a higher extent. Due to rainwater and the moisture available in the air, the roof of your building can get badly damaged. Using the latest and industry-grade waterproofing techniques, you can provide greater protection to your residential or commercial building from water leakage, seepage issues, and much more.

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VIP Solutions’ sincerity and hard work have enabled us to excel in our field. Our talented staff handles our valuable customers’ requirements with great care and efficiency. So we are an all-rounder waterproofing service provider in Peshawar. Individuals who are experiencing severe water leakage issues need to understand the importance of protecting their roof. Otherwise, you might end up putting your walls and furniture at a high risk of getting damaged. We use state-of-the-art chemical treatment procedures in our roof waterproofing services to handle the leakage issues in the most efficient way.

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Repairing Roof Seepage Issues

When the water begins to accumulate over the roof, you will begin to observe seepage issues within a few months. With this, there will be a loss of paint and your roof will get tainted in a much worse way. To resolve this issue, you will require premium roof seepage repair work, which should be performed by a professional waterproofing contractor who understands the situation better than amateurs.

Quality Roof Leakage Treatment

Are you facing water dripping issues from rooftops? It is the worst situation to happen as it can become worse, degrade the house value, and degrade the house appeal in a few years. Water cannot be contained inside concrete, so it is essential to protect your entire roof with an airtight chemical treatment and protect yourself for years to come.


Repair Roof Crack and Joints

Roof cracks are also a result of water leakage. If these are neglected for long enough, then the concrete roof will begin to come off and will become a source of disruption to the building.

So it is essential that you fill these roof cracks immediately using the proper chemicals, and this includes cementitious waterproofing treatment. It helps in strengthening the integrity of the roof and filling roof crack joints in the most efficient way.

Another treatment for this is bitumen membrane. It is applied using rolls that are created using asphalt and adhesive below the sheets. The process begins by heating up the membrane as it helps in covering the whole rooftop in one go. It can be used to handle issues at homes and offices.

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