VIP SOLUTION WATERPROOFING has been in business for over two years and their success rate in this industry, Residential & Commercial Industry, speaks for itself. With the continues research they did on the products they use in the industry, the business has grown so much that they are in a position to provide a 7-10 year guarantee on their workmanship.

The business is also fully insured against any third party claims if any unforeseen incidents happen. With the excellent track record they have built up over the years and the happy and satisfied customers; Status Waterproofing is the correct business partner to do business with. They guarantee to make a success of each and every project they do.


VIP SOLUTION WATERPROOFING wants to be the preferred service provider in the Residential & Commercial Industries. They want to achieve this by providing high quality products & services that will exceed the expectations of their clients and stay competitively priced.

To reach their Vision of becoming the preferred service provider, they have made it their mission to focus on leadership and customer service. The company wants to always innovate and they want to have good support structures in place to manage the changes as well as cultures in the organization. By maintaining good standards, providing quality products and services (that are of high quality) and doing continuous research on what is happening in the industry will help them to be able to stay competitive.

To always find the best ways to optimize their operations and procedures so that the client will benefit and get the best quality of services and products in the shortest time period.