On hot days, homeowners might benefit from Solar Reflective Coating, also known as a roof heatproofing solution. When it comes to air conditioning, it’s a costly endeavor, and a Cool Roof can help save some money. The temperature inside a house can be reduced by up to twenty degrees by installing a Roof Heat Proofing Coating. In other words, the AC will have to work less to get the temperature where it wants to be. Our experts are present in Aroop Town, Khali Shah Pur Town, Kamoke, Nandi Pur Town, Nowshera Virkan, Qila Damodar Singh Town, Wazirabad, and many other areas of Gujranwala.

VIP Solutions’ goal statement is to give the greatest quality services by dealing professionally with clients’ problems and giving them unique and tailored solutions that meet their specific demands. More than a thousand happy consumers from all across the country are now part of our roof heatproofing company. With the help of Allah, we are confident that our clients will always enjoy our service and recommend it to their friends and family members with complete confidence and contentment.

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How VIP Solutions Apply Roof Heat Proofing Solution?

People in Gujranwala commonly use heatproofing services to protect their roofs from the summer sun. As a result, summers are cruel, and people often use air conditioners to escape the oppressive heat. The benefit of roof heat proofing services in Gujranwala is that they give an extra layer of protection at no expense. The chemical-based application will allow the customer to finish their roof in a few hours. This raises another critical question: how long does heatproofing in Gujranwala take? For each stage, we, as a recognized heatproofing business in Gujranwala, supplied a realistic response.

Chemicals and Materials Settling

Applying chemicals on the roof is one of the essential parts of heat proofing solution in Gujranwala. Experts of VIP Solutions deal safely with heatproofing chemicals. The first thing you may anticipate from heat proofing services in Gujranwala is to settle chemicals. Changing clothing, preparing chemicals, and organizing materials are all part of settling. This normally takes only a few minutes, depending on how well prepared the firm is.

Cleaning Floor

The roof floor will be filthy and dusty. In Gujranwala, heat proofing services will begin cleaning after making the chemicals and preparing everything needed for the task. A couple of hours or minutes depending on the roof floor size and the number of workers.

Applying Chemicals

After cleaning the floor and preparing the chemicals, it’s time to apply the heatproofing chemicals to the damaged roof. This is done with equipment to disperse and apply chemicals evenly. The essential concern is that the application is made effective and that the heat proofing services in Gujranwala are reliable.

Of course, additional factors like roof size and manpower rely on the overall number of hours spent applying chemicals. It takes the most time compared to all other heatproofing operations combined.

Double Protection

A second treatment is required for further protection after the first. It’s vital since only one layer improves the quality of the heat reflection. This phase is quick for two reasons. One is the simplicity of the applicator in applying chemicals to a certain roof.


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