CEO Message

The owner of VIP SOLUTION WATERPROOFING is M. Awais Bajwa (Architecture Engineering) , he is of Pakistani Nationality that is highly qualified in his field of expertise and is very influential in the business community around world.

He possesses exceptional people skills and is highly regarded by his client base. The management of VIP SOLUTION WATERPROOFING strongly relies on all employees to achieve the set targets and goals in the business and the corporate environment so that they will be able to be successful in this industry.

VIP SOLUTION Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the leading construction chemical companies in Pakistan. VIP SOLUTION manufactures and promotes products in the field of waterproofing in Pakistan. Our company has its own design team that works with customers nominated architects or structural consultants to incorporate suitable waterproofing systems in the drawings. All our waterproofing systems are backed up by 10 years guarantee if the material is applied through our approved applicators. We Deal Building Cost Estimation Field.

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