Summers in Sialkot are hot and humid, while winters are chilly and dry. The warmest months occur in the summer, particularly in June and July. A low of 2 °C (28 °F) is not uncommon throughout the winter months. It’s a flat, productive country for the most part. There is an average of 1000 mm of rain each year. The district’s urban population totals more than 25.82% of the total. VIP Solutions claims to limit heat transmission from the outside to the inside, making homes, workplaces, floors, and other areas more pleasant in the summer.

VIP Solutions, a revolutionary heat proofing solution, may significantly reduce the energy consumption and expense necessary for cooling homes, warehouses, metal buildings, and industrial or commercial structures. It will help keep the interior cooler by 100 degrees in summer. We can shield buildings from the damaging effects of thermal shock and extend their useful lives by blocking more than 95% of the sun’s rays from entering the structure. You can get our heat proofing services all over the Quetta, including Pasrur, Zafarwal, Raya and Daska.

Best Materials For Roof Heat Proofing In Sialkot

Reflective Foil Sheet – The most beautiful things in life are the simplest. The same may be said for the roof heat proofing company in Sialkot. It is possible that using reflective foil instead of white paint, insulation, or foam will appear more contemporary and scientific. The reflection of the heat of silver or a mirror-like surface is refraction. By preventing heat from entering your home, reflective foil sheets can assist you in keeping your home cool.

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Foam Insulation – Installing layers of foam on flat roofs may help minimise heat loss by a substantial amount. Foam is a solid insulation material that sticks directly to the roof or between shingles layers while the roof is under construction. In Sialkot, foam insulation is one of the most common heatproofing treatments, accounting for around 30% of all applications.

Elastomeric Paint – Various roof heat proofing solution materials, including rollers, sprayers, and buckets, are required to apply elastomeric paint to a roofing surface. The ability to determine how much paint to mix with water, how many coats of paint to apply, and how to protect oneself from harmful fumes are all important skills. The application of elastomeric paint to roofs in Sialkot is one of the most common heat treatments.

Polyurethane Foam – To protect oneself, it works via spray equipment while wearing a very secure suit to protect one’s body. Polyurethane possesses properties that are equivalent to those of fibreglass as an insulating material. It is perfect for any form of roof, including corrugated sheets and flat roofs, due to the nature of the material and the simplicity with which it can be applied to any surface. It works on the interior or exterior of a house and the walls. Our roof heat proofing services are heat resistant and are available in various forms, including semi-liquid, liquid, and solid.

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