Summer is approaching, so prepare your home for the scorching heat and rising temperatures. While there are several ways to remove trapped heat and cool your house, many people rely on air conditioning throughout the summer. However, frequent power outages and high electricity expenses make operating an air conditioner constantly unfeasible. A professional heat proofing solution is the greatest solution if you reside on the top level to combat the rising heat.

We have a competent staff that specialises in structural repairs and water/heat proofing. VIP Solutions provides seepage control solutions to industrial, residential, and commercial clients. Modern living, pricey interiors, and structural deterioration necessitate suitable building protection. The development of industrial building technology has made it feasible to repair leaks and seepages without dismantling.

Our experts are present in Gachibowli, Shamshabad, Kukatpally, Mallapur, Hi-Tech City, Habsiguda, Jubilee Hills, Secunderabad, and many other areas also. We use high-quality imported chemicals and the greatest technological knowledge to solve your problems.

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Importance of Heatproofing Services in Hyderabad

During a summer heatwave, it’s critical to know how to minimise heat loss via the roof. Because it’s obvious that a hot room on a summer day is unnecessary, it might also lead to disastrous results. According to experts, heatwaves severely damage your houses and offices because there is no feasible remedy for your roof. As a result, roof heat proofing services in Hyderabad are essential. Listed below are some reasons why reducing heat from the roof during a heatwave is critical.

The roof exerts 90% heat

During peak hours, the sun is at its apex, radiating heat into the earth. Because our roof faces this hazardous radiation, our roof’s temperature rises, raising the temperature of our home’s interior rooms. There are other areas where heat may increase the temperature, but the roof is the most likely during a heatwave since about 90% of heat is on the roof.

The air conditioner stops working

Most users abandon the heat proofing option by claiming they already have a reasonable heat countermeasure. We’re talking about the air conditioners that practically every home can buy. Aside from the high monthly power expense due to air conditioning, it is commonly seen that cooling is rare during peak summer months when it is most vital.

Because air conditioning has little effect when your roof is really hot in the summer, you need to try our roof heat proofing solution in Hyderabad to make your roof perform effectively.

Hard for people living directly under the roof

Houses or persons living immediately beneath the roof or on the top level will be exposed to the impulses of their roofing material. Our roof heat proofing company in Hyderabad is the only option for those suffering from the negative impacts of heatwaves and other damaging high summer temperatures.