Sargodha’s heat is intolerable. Therefore the only way to keep it under control is to install a heat-resistant roof. Using a chemical that helps maintain high temperatures in the afflicted region is critical for the best results. People in Sargodha who want to keep their houses safe for years will discover that using these roof heat proofing solutions in Sargodha on their roofs is fantastic.

Depending on the building material, there are various heatproofing options available to keep heat out. You can benefit from VIP Solutions, Sargodha’s best roof heatproofing company. We serve in the areas near Bhera, Sargodha, Sillanwali, Bhalwal, Kot Momin, Shahpur, Pakistan, Miani, Punjab, and Peshawar.

The process of roof heat proofing services in Sargodha is quick and easy. Still, many people look for a good heat-proofing company in Sargodha. VIP Solutions is the best option for you to get heat-proofing insulation on your roof. People looking for information on how to begin installing a heat-resistant roof in Sargodha over their houses will find it quite similar to the operation of painting. In the same manner that paint is applied to our houses, heat proofing solutions are put to our roofs to accommodate the high temperature.

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Types of Heatproofing

The heat proofing used in Pakistan depends on the customer’s needs and budget. However, it is possible to discuss the most prevalent and acceptable varieties in Pakistan.

Demand and availability of a substance demonstrate that it is operating successfully. So we will only cover those commonly utilized in Pakistan and are useful to people.

Polyurethane Heat Shield

Our Roof Heat proofing shield is the most popular right now. The main reason is that it works better. It is also readily available in Pakistani markets or by engaging a heatproofing business.

It is available in solid and foam forms to be used on any flat, concrete, or steel galvanized roof. It’s also a fire-retardant substance.

Polystyrene Heat Shield

It is another excellent substance for insulating dwellings. So it is perfect for Pakistani households and is a sensible choice that will not create complications. This thermal insulation may be placed on any surface, regardless of roof shape. Polystyrene is also available in foam and solid forms to be used on any roof type.

Insulation Glass

Fiberglass is a recyclable material ideal for thermal insulation. Glass is a natural solid heat conductor. This material is ideal for roofing since it is heat resistant, lightweight, and durable. This material is also eco-friendly.


Wood has been utilized as a heat-proofing material for millennia, and its relevance is not underestimated. Wood is cheaply recycled and readily accessible, making it ideal for use as a roof to keep the home cool and avoid heat waves. The wood shields your structure from sunshine and dust. The wood may be used inside and outside the house, and it is also less expensive than other options.

Crush & Fill

Last but not least, crushed and rock-filled roofs are popular in Pakistan. The cumulative effect of the natural section generated while crushing the rock will provide padding in between, making the heat transmission within the structure complicated. This is why the crush is widely used in large residential apartments.

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