What Is Heatproofing?

Heat proofing is an effective method that is carried out to avert heat waves from entering the building structure. In this process, mud is applied to the slopes of the roof, and this will prevent the heat from entering the concrete slab.

Mud acts as a natural insulator, preventing heat waves from passing through it. However, there are several other methods or products available on the market that perform the same function of protecting buildings from getting heated up during the summer. The most common products include Jumbo lone boards and Thermocol sheets.

Furthermore, the heat-resistant chemical that is used is prepared cautiously as per the environmental calculations. This in turn helps in keeping the roof cool by reducing heat. So during the summer, it acts as a perfect rejection for infra-red rays.

Under certain weather conditions, roof coating is done by using thermal and high-quality materials. Another important thing is that the chemicals used must relate to roof heat minerals.

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Spreading the waterproofing membrane on the roof and studying the heat source.

Heat Proofing Company in Pakistan

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Benefits Of Heat Proofing For The Roof in Pakistan

Heat proofing provides ample long-term benefits, and it just does not revolve around controlling temperatures indoors. The different benefits it provides are:

  1. It provides ultimate protection against heat waves penetrating through the walls. This results in lowering the house temperature.
  2. Heat proofing offers strength to the building structure, extending its life. Also, with heat proofing, the structures are secured against the dangers posed by the climate. Scorching heat during the summer makes the buildings expand as they absorb the heat, which results in cracks emerging on the roofs and walls. However, with the heat proofing, the solar heat does not penetrate through the building and cannot cause any damage. In the end, it prolongs the building’s life and saves a lot of money on maintenance costs.
  3. It enables you to save energy and get lower bills. The proper application of a heat-proofing coating keeps the house cooler than usual. Residents don’t rely much on air conditioners either, which is the significant cause of high bills.

The heat proofing solution is highly cost-effective, which means that people with different budgets can avail this service.


What are the Different Types of Heatproofing?

There are different types of heat proofing available in Pakistan, and the one to use depends on the customer’s requirements and budget. However, in the case of Pakistan, it is feasible to talk about those types that are commonly used and most suitable for our region.

If a certain material is in high demand and easily available, it shows that it is working well. So we are going to discuss only those types that are widely used in Pakistan and will prove beneficial for individuals.

This is the most widely used heat-proofing type in Pakistan. The main reason behind this is that it is more effective. Furthermore, it comes in abundance and can be easily purchased from the market or by hiring a heat-proofing company in Pakistan.

It comes in solid form as well as in foam, so individuals can use it as per their needs, whether it is a flat roof, one made from concrete or steel galvanised ones. It also acts as a fire-resistant material.


This is another material that works perfectly to keep the heat out of homes. So it is best for the houses in Pakistan and is a practical solution that won’t cause any issues in the long term. Irrespective of the shape of the roof, this form of heat insulation can be easily applied to any surface. Likewise, polystyrene is also available in foam and solid form, so it takes care of any type of roof without causing any inconvenience.


With the use of cutting-edge technology in construction, fiberglass is a recycled material that is best for the purpose of heat insulation. Generally, glass is a good natural heat insulation. This material is best used as a roofing material as it enhances the heat resistance and is light in weight and robust in nature. This type of material is also considered eco-friendly.


For centuries, wood has been preferred to be used as a heat proofing material, and its importance is not overshadowed. Wood can be easily recycled and is available in abundance, so it is perfect to be used as your roof to make the inside of the house cooler and avert heat waves. The wood protects your building from sunlight, dust, and other debris. You can install the wood inside and outside the house, and it is also cheaper than any other type available on the market.


Last but not least, the most widely used material in Pakistan is crushed and rock filled over the roof. Rock in solid form does not help that much, but when it is crushed into tiny pieces, the collective effect of the natural section that is formed when crushing the rock will form a sort of padding in between, which makes the heat difficult to transfer inside the building. This is the main reason why the crush is widely used in large residential apartments.


How to Heatproof Your House in Pakistan?

According to research, the earth’s temperature is rising continuously, and the last two years have been recorded as the warmest. It is a fact of life and you cannot escape it, so homeowners need to find effective ways to deal with this rising hot temperature. It is because they want to remain comfortable and also keep the costs low, which can otherwise increase due to the use of air conditioners.

A few of the most essential ways of doing this include fitting a cool roof, improving insulation, windows replacement, and installing shades.

However, there are also other ways that can help assist with heatproofing your house.


Heat-Proofing with a Cool Roof

The upsurge in solar heat can put high stress on your air conditioner. It is noted that the temperature of the roof surface can range between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. There are a couple of ways that you can use to keep the heat at bay. The first and foremost option is to have a cool roof installed. Cool roofs are available in the form of reflective paint, a singular sheet covering, and special heat proof shingles or tiles.

No matter what the material you use, the end goal is to avert the sun away from the home so that the temperature doesn’t rise and lower the surface temperature by 50 °F.

Insulate and Irrigate with a Green Roof

A green roof is a built-in roof garden. It provides an additional layer of protection that prevents the heat from entering the building. No doubt, green roofs are more expensive than other options, but they offer more benefits. A green roof assists with storm water and offers an extra layer of insulation all year round.

Blocking Sun Rays with Shading

Heatwaves can also be entered through the windows. It is observed that 76% of the sunlight passes through the windows as heat. We need to stop this heat from coming through the windows, and there are certain ways of doing it. Installing plastic lining or quilting on interior shades, blinds, and curtains can perfectly block the sunlight. However, they will also block natural light. But there is a solution. You can install an awning as it provides shade and also lets natural light enter inside the house. Awnings can reduce overall costs by 26–33%.

If you live in an area where there is a danger of hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms, shutters are the best option.


Ventilation and Fans

The most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to lower the temperature and keep the building cool is through ventilation. Its efficiency improves when it is combined with other methods. It’s to avoid the buildup of heat inside the house. In most instances, natural ventilation works best for cooling, but it needs to be supplemented with ceiling fans, spot ventilation, and window fans.

Commercial Heat Proofing Service in Pakistan

In this process, water-sealed heat proofing products are used. It helps in lowering the internal temperature of the buildings. In the end, your energy bills will be lower and you will save significant money. These quality heat proofing products are applied to tile, cement, and metal roofs, as well as timber, brick, and cement walls. Furthermore, it can also be applied to several external structures, including metal storage tanks and piping.

Why Does Your Commercial Property Need Insulation?

Commercial properties, especially offices, can get warmed up quickly when using a lot of electrical equipment, such as computers. Although air conditioning is the best way to keep the temperature cool, it uses more electricity, which results in higher business energy bills. On the contrary, insulation keeps the space cooler as the heat from outside cannot penetrate inside it.

Furthermore, insulation reduces the carbon footprint by absorbing outside sounds, which reduces noise pollution.


Techniques Used in Commercial Heat Proofing in Pakistan

Heat Proofing Steel Sheets

Leveled rooftops of workplaces treated with chemical treatment can benefit from such a technique. However, in the case of factories where the roof is not clear or concrete-based, it becomes essential to use some heat proofing chemicals. In Pakistan, the heat proofing solution involves the appropriate application by a professional team as they not only possess the best chemical treatment for steel sheets but also make sure that heat is reduced instantly by using quality heat proofing materials.

Heat Insulation for Concrete Ceilings

During summer, the flat roofs are exposed to the scorching heat of the sun. It is a natural phenomenon of roofs getting extremely hot, but the rooms below them also become unbearably hot as the heat waves transfer below.

With concrete roofs, the heat gets trapped, which contributes to lowering the interior temperature. However, there will be issues if any proper chemical compound application is not done on the outside of the concrete roofs. The industry standard heat proofing roof that is fitted with quality sun reflective coating technology on the concrete surface works perfectly whether the roof is slanted or flat.

Sun Reflective Paint

Using industry standard sun reflective pigment with high reflective power can help in efficiently reducing heat. The choice of paint depends on the type of rooftop. For example, roofs painted in white vinyl paint act as natural reflectors. Furthermore, ceramic coatings and heat-reflective paints in matte and glossy finishes can also be used to cover roofs. The chemicals used are treated in such a way that helps in sustaining their chemical properties.

Heat Proofing Chemicals That Are Heat Resistant

Heat resistant chemicals play a vital role in reducing heat in the most natural way, lowering air-conditioning time and energy costs.

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