Where To Find Best Heat Proofing Service In Chakwal?

Chakwal is a district that has a long history and is located in the Potohar region of northern
Punjab, Pakistan. It is known for producing Zari shoes and the traditional craft of Khes weaving.

The name “Chakwal” is derived from “Chako Khan”, a noble person. For many years, this
region was under the reign of Dogras and Khokhars. In Mughal emperor Babar’s time seven tribes called Awans, Waince, Mair Minhas, Khokhar, Bhatti, Mughal Kassar and Kahut Quraish were settled in this region.

Chakwal is also known as the land of honour or the land of army people due to a lot of people serving in the army and all defence forces. One of the major Notable persons is Lance Havaldar Laal Khan who was awarded Tamgha-i-Jurat (Baloch Regiment), TJ 1958. He belongs to Sardhi village later he moved to 25 Pull town Shorkot city.

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Why Heat Proofing Is Important In Chakwal?

In Chakwal, Pakistan, the summers are hot and dry. The summer season starts in April and
continues until October. May and June are the hottest months with day temperatures usually
ranging from 40 to 45 degrees Celsius. The winter season begins in November and
continues until March. January is the coldest month with a minimum temperature of 1 degree
Celsius. Dust storms occur occasionally during the summer season, temporarily relieving the
intensity of heat. Towards the end of June, monsoon conditions appear.

Heat proofing is important in Chakwal because of its weather conditions in summer. VIP
Solution is a roof heat proofing company in Chakwal, providing heat proofing services. You
can contact anytime if you need any roof heat proofing services in Chakwal.

Types Of Heat Proofing Solution Offered By VIP Solutions:

There are many types of heat proofing solutions. Here we will mention some of them which
VIP Solution in offering in Chakwal:

  1. Polyurethane Heat Protection
  2. Polystyrene Heat Protection
  1. Fibreglass Insulation
  2. Wooden Slabs
  3. Crush and Rockfill

All these roof heat proofing solutions Chakwal are provided by VIP Solution at market
competitive rates.


In Chakwal, there are many types of heat proofing techniques which can be used according
to the type and material of the roof. Heatproofing techniques are applied to protect the
building materials from the weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Heat insulation
for roofs is one of the most important concepts in construction. With our VIP Solution you will
have a shield against high temperatures protecting and prolonging the durability of your roof.


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