During the hottest months of the year, your roof is the primary source of your home’s discomfort. Even at night, it feels like the temperature is hovering at 43°c. Rahimyar Khan experiences 19.61mm of rain and eight wet days at the end of July.

Many companies offer roof heat proofing solutions in Rahim Yar Khan. Many people don’t realize what an easy and inexpensive home repair job this can be. Your heatproofing needs are in good hands at VIP Solutions. Our experts are in Sadiqabad, Rohi Desert, Bhong Masjid, Islamgarh Fort, Patan Minara, City Park, Tomb of Dadi Karam, Khatoon, Liaquatpur and Khanpur.

Popular Methods for Roof Heat Proofing

Heat proofing a roof with any of these methods is a common practice.

  • Installing Heat Resistant Roofing Sheets

Installing heat-resistant roofing sheets is a common method of heatproofing your roof. Your home will be shielded from the sun thanks to these factory-made sheets. Corrugated roofing is a popular choice for individuals who want to insulate and protect their roofs simultaneously.

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The most common material in Rahim Yar Khan is Polyester Sheets, Galvanised Steel Sheets, and PVC Plastisol Sheets. These are materials that are used in heat proofing solutions. Corrugated heat-resistant sheets are lightweight and can survive even the most arduous circumstances. Moreover, they’re long-lasting and resilient, and they use less energy, too. And, perhaps most crucially, they’re also inexpensive.

  • Choosing Built-Up Roofing (Bur)

When it comes to keeping a house cool in the summer, built-up roofing, or BUR, is often utilized on flat or low-slope roofs. Bitumen, ply sheets, and reinforcing fabric make up this roof’s heat-proofing treatment. A layer of rocks, marble, and gravel aggregate on the top layer of built-up roofing help to block the heat from soaking into the roof.

The minerals also serve as a barrier against moisture intrusion, preventing it from penetrating the roof’s surface. The top layer of built-up roofing is fire resistant in addition to waterproofing and protecting your roof from UV radiation. Built-up roofing is extremely long-lasting, simple to maintain, and reasonably priced.

  • Using Roof Cooling Chemical or Paint

Another well-liked and reasonably priced method for insulating your roof is to coat it with highly reflecting white paint. Even though it seems like white paint, roof heat proofing services in Rahim Yar Khan perform two principal functions. Firstly, it serves as a reflector for UV radiation. Your house will stay cooler. Secondly, it lowers the roof’s temperature by boosting the concrete slab’s resistivity index.

This reflective paint, also known as “roof cooling coating,” can be used on flat and pitched roofs. A paintbrush, roller brush, mop, or spray machine can be used to apply repeated coats of this chemical to the surface. Elastomeric coating is a popular choice for roof heat-proofing treatment in Rahim Yar Khan because of its ability to reflect solar rays.

  • Applying Modified Bitumen Membrane

VIP Solutions is another well-known roof heatproofing company in Rahim Yar Khan. We use a modified bitumen membrane for our heatproofing projects. This will simultaneously protect your property from the elements. The asphalt and other adhesives in these bitumen rolls are heated and then applied to the roof in a thin layer until the entire surface is covered. Painting the black, molten bitumen membrane with white paint is good to protect the roof from heat while keeping its visual appeal.


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