Where To Get Heat Proofing Services In Larkana?

Larkana is a city and district in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. It lies on the Ghar Canal just
west of the Indus River. Its name comes from the Larak tribe that inhabits it. The town was
incorporated as a municipality in 1855, making it one of the oldest cities in Pakistan.

Larkana is an important grain-marketing and trade centre, and it is noted for its brass and
metalware. It also has many markets, bazaars and shopping centres.

In addition to being an important agricultural centre, Larkana is also known for its gardens
and parks. Some of these have been maintained by local authorities over time while others
remain in a state of disrepair due to neglect or vandalism by visitors over time.

Today Larkana is a major trading center on both sides of the Indus River, which runs through
it. It has two railway lines: one that divides the old city from Lahori village to the west; and
another that divides Civil Lines (mostly official residences) from John F. Kennedy Market to
the east. It has become an important grain market and trade center since its incorporation as
a municipality in 1855 by British Raj colonialists.

Today Larkana contains many historic buildings dating back to its days as an ancient capital
under Kalhoras rule.

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What Is The Importance Of Heat Proofing In Larkana?

Larkana is a hot desert climate (BWh) on the Arabian Peninsula. It has warm summers and
cool winters, with the highest recorded temperature being 53 degrees Celsius (127.4
degrees Fahrenheit). The lowest recorded temperature was −4 degrees Celsius (24.8
degrees Fahrenheit). Annual rainfall is 127.4 millimeters (5 inches), with most of it occurring
during the monsoon season from July to September. The highest annual rainfall ever
recorded was 580.2 millimeters (22 inches), which occurred in 1994 and the lowest annual
rainfall ever recorded was 7.1 millimeters (0.28 inches), which occurred in 1938.

Heat proofing your building or house will help prevent issues caused by excessive heating
and it can save you money on your electric bill. Heat proofing solution is a process in which
the desired surface is insulated in such a way that it reduces excess heat to enter in the
house or building.

Think about it: if you live in an area where there is a lot of rain, but not much sun, the air
conditioner will have to work overtime to keep things cool. This means more electricity being used in the form of electricity and maintenance costs. But if you heatproof your home, then
all of these costs are reduced!

So, heat proofing services are important in Larkana.

What Are The Types Of Heat Proofing VIP Solution Offers

VIP Solution a roof heat-proofing company in Larkana offers a lot of roof heat-proofing
solutions in Larkana. Here we will discuss some of them:

  1. Polyurethane Heat Protection
  2. Polystyrene Heat Protection
  3. Fibreglass Insulation
  4. Wooden Slabs
  5. Crush and Rockfill

All of these types of heat proofing solutions are used according to their needs. Contact VIP
Solution to figure out which one will work best for you.


When the weather gets hot and humid, your home can become a sauna.

Heat-related illnesses are common in the summer months, especially in Larkana. The best
way to keep your family safe is by installing heat-proofing materials on your roof or walls.

VIP Solution provides roof heat-proofing services in Larkana. We use polyurethane,
polystyrene, and fiberglass insulation to protect your home from excessive heat. If you want
to learn more about our services and how they could benefit you and your family, contact us


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